Sunday, October 19, 2014

Walking on Sunshine


              My friends and I are busy planning a tropical vacation for our families to take early next year. Thinking back on memories of my vacation to Puerto Rico and Mexico had me running to the albums to reminisce. Ah!....the sharp blues, the almost white sand beaches, the brightness as reflected by the water. Everything just seemed bluer, whiter, sharper, more color vivid.

             Inspired by that emotion, I painted this cabinet in shades of blue ‘Caribbean splash’ and ‘Bermuda’. And to denote the sand I used a textured paint in sand color called ‘Caribbean walk’ sprinkled in with some sparkles. How can you go wrong with color choices inspired from nature, right? Can you imagine yourself in a small thatched bungalow by the beach? Large doors and windows letting in the warm tropical breeze. White sheer curtains blowing in the breeze, lounging on the deck looking out to the ocean with a drink in hand that you just made at the bar that is housed in this beautiful blue cabinet. Well! That’s the picture I had in my head while making thisJ. Drawing inspiration from those vacations and the easy relaxed peaceful feeling that being in nature brings, I went with colors of the water and sand. The two shades of blue on the cabinet soothe and engage the viewer catching the subtle variations in shades of the water. The sand color with sparkles highlights and brightens the piece. All together I hope this piece reminds you of the exotic flowers and birds of the tropics, the lush saturated colors, and the surreal quality of the calm ocean.

             I like to think that my work is about relationships; the relationships of the colors, the art work, and the compositional details to one another; of the ideas and feelings that evoked it and what that in turn evokes; of me to the piece; and of you, the viewer’s reaction to all of it.

             My elderly neighbor gave me this bookshelf when she moved out. It had been hand built by someone in her husband’s family decades ago. In her memory and for sentimental reasons, I was reluctant to dispose this off. So it sat in my garage for almost 3 years. 

Here it is before:

             Finally I decided to change this into a cabinet of sorts with doors intending to use it as a bookcase. I had originally intended to put regular paneled doors and paint on it. But an inspired moment extended this into a learning project; Shaped Cutouts! I had been using a saw for regular cutting purposes only and with this project I decided to try cutting out shapes. So here’s a bird on a branch and an exotic hibiscus flower that I cut out using a saw, adding to the tropical look of the cabinet. I must say I am pretty proud of my first attempt. Can’t wait to try out other cut out projects. Though showcased as a bar, it is not very deep and would serve very well as a bookcase too.

I hope this piece encourages you to come take a closer look.

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