Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Jameela: Arabic; beautiful, graceful, lovely,
                   that which appeals to the senses, especially sight

I love ethnic designs and patterns, be it intricate hand embroidery from Netherlands, Balinese woodwork, Moroccan tiles, Spanish pottery, batik, Rajasthani mirror work, or innumerable other such precious heritage arts and crafts from all over the world.  The essence of a nation or its people can be felt in the art and crafts of that place.
In trying to explain my attraction for intricate, detailed, and meticulous patterns and design; I always feel like my genetic makeup, my roots, the energy and soul of the old world, and maybe even my past life conspire to feed my love for the old world, my attraction to saturated colors, my devotion for intricate patterns and striking architecture, and my craving for the ethnic.

This Moroccan inspired table was a perfect small dose to satisfy my longing and appreciation of the artistry and allure of the crafts from a place I hope to visit someday.
Jameela; a hand painted beauty, draws you into the deeply pigmented and patterned world of Morocco. In keeping with the distinctive trait of Moroccan décor, Jameela was completely hand painted.
Moroccan design is definitely not minimalist; the judicious layering, the strong influences of architectural shapes and repeating patterns, the divine finishes, and deep vivid colors indulge the extravagant and the desire for astonishing decor.
This table is meant to be inspiring; encouraging you to rethink, revamp, redo, and redesign an old piece to transport you to on an intriguing journey where richly decorated patterns and color abound. So here's Jameela, a little piece bringing the exotic world of Morocco into your home and life. 

closeup of the hand painted pattern

The before

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