Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Comic Top Desk

I have been busy with my latest furniture project and I am soo excited to share this with you all. After dragging my feet on this piece for the longest time, I finally decided to just get to it.
I wanted a custom size desk in my son’s room and so I came up with this piece from scratch. Of course I didn’t build the cabinets! …but it’s as ‘from scratch’ as I could do at this point. J

The end result:

What I started with:

·       Unfinished stock kitchen base cabinets from Home Depot
·       High density MDF board

What I used:

·       Batman Comic Book
·       Mod podge in hard coat finish
·        ‘Gray Area’ color interior paint in satin finish
·       Knobs and drawer pulls

What I did:

·       Painted the cabinets
·       Cut hundreds of (felt like it at least) comic strips and images
·       Dry- laid out comic strips to satisfaction
·       Mod podged (don’t think that’s a word…but all crafters agree it should be) the strips one by one, layering the strips and images as appealing
·       Hard coated several layers for a hard smooth finish
·       Glued the top to the base cabinets
·       Attached the knobs and pulls

Important stuff to note:
This stock kitchen cabinet come in a standard size of 24x34.5x24. Though the width and depth are ideal for a desk, the height of 34.5" would make this too high for a desk. So I sawed off 4” off the base of the cabinet.  I also got the heavy high density board used for the top cut to the required size at Home depot itself.

Picture snapshot:

And with this comes the realization that the possibilities for applying this idea and technique are endless….

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