Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Handmade Gifts

Diwali Luminaries

             Come festival and holiday season and I find myself combing through my favorite magazines, websites, blogs, and Pinterest for unique gifts that can be handmade. They are so much better than impersonal gift ideas or a trip to the crowded mall. I love the whole process of thinking about the person who the gift is for, planning the project, and of course executing it successfully. You end up with a pretty gift that is not only is budget-friendly and nice, but that also gave the pleasure of working on a new project. So much fun!

             For my Diwali party I put up lots of colorful string lights outside and brightened the inside of my home with pretty little lights and candles allover. I also used sandalwood scented candles in all the candle holders around my home…I love the scented woodsy warmth of sandalwood, especially during the colder months. I wanted to give my friends coming for the party a little gift to bring back to their home....from my home to theirs. I decided to make a collection of luminaries keeping with the spirit of the festival of lights.

              These luminaries were a good way of personalizing my Diwali party and at the end of the evening, my friends were able to take one home. The tiny touches of sparkle and metallics added festivity to my mantle. Though essentially they are not what I had envisioned, I am happy with these results. I also got to try out a couple of new products available by Martha Stewart. One is a translucent glass paint in fine glitter metallic colors and the other is a reusable adhesive stencil specially for applying designs to curved surfaces.

             I cannot imagine a better way of spending the holiday season than with my family, creating lovely things for my home and for the people I love and care about. So here's to spreading some crafting cheer and warmth….make something special for friends and family. And hoping you can find inspiration for handmade gift ideas at The Sandalwood Box!

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