Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Trip to the Flea Market

               Row upon row of furniture, salvaged architectural elements, metalwork, jewelry, housewares, pottery, garden items, art, and so much more…..that’s the visual treat at first glance at an antiques faire.

               This past weekend I decided to make a trip to my local flea market mostly to see if I could find some basics for future projects. It is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a day, lazily meandering through the colorful and treasure laden stalls looking at all the goodies; seeing the wares for what they are and also seeing them for what they could be, listening to the store owners share the history behind the objects, spotting unusual objects, things that remind me of my childhood, and be struck by inspiration and ideas….absolutely wonderful way to spend some time.



               This particular one is not necessarily known for antiques or collectibles but definitely you could get lucky; one man’s trash is another’s treasure, right? The parking lot of a local college is closed off on the first Saturday of every month and rain or shine vendors set up their stalls. This flea market houses stalls by talented local crafters selling their jewelry, quilts, pottery, refurbished furniture, and other variety of handmade things. You can also find cheap made-in-***** sweatshop kind of goods and utilities, knock off make-up, shoes, bags etc. here….so it’s not a pure antiques and salvage market. I guess that’s why the distinction in the name. Nevertheless, for me the other true antique and salvage kind of displays and stations made up for the other stalls. Besides it holds true to a flea market in that there is something for everyone J.

               Anyway it was worth the trip although I did not find all that I was looking for. I was particularly looking for some wide picture frames, small mirrors, maybe some tiles, an old classics book, trays, clear glass plates in a non-round shape, and paired candlestick holders. Go with some sort of an idea of what you are looking for but also be open to things that catch your eye or ideas that come to mind as you walk around. I bought some items for projects that I had in mind and also came back with ideas for new ones.

I have always had a fascination for such gatherings of artisanal and craft displays and the treasure hunting, the DIYing, and bargain-seeking seems to be a natural extension of this interest. I almost never miss a chance to visit such events and have made it to quite a few here and in India. It is amazing to see the talent, the skills, and the creative things that people come up with. I am eager and even anxious to experience this treat in other places and destinations. The bazaars, the souks, and the street markets of the world… I come!

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