Saturday, August 17, 2013

Functional Wall Art

              It is well known that according to its strongest supporters, Art is generally for the purpose of providing aesthetic experiences only, while according to the opposite school of followers of architecture and industrial design, Art can be aesthetically functional. As space is becoming premium, people are looking to functionally beautiful pieces rather than just one or the other. This very reasonable way of thinking has gained momentum, and I in my own little way try to achieve a blend of function and form, and aesthetics and practical usability. Of course, I am taking great liberties in using the term ‘Functional Art’ to describe this project.

              As you all have noticed, I have tried to incorporate art into my daily environment in a way beyond traditional paintings and sculpture. But I seem to have limited such functional art to the adult spaces in my home. With this project, I wanted to try something for my daughter’s room, something very simple and child friendly, a functional wall art piece (besides I learnt my lesson in allowing the kids to pin, glue, and tape things they liked over any and all surfaces in their room). With these thoughts in mind I decided to re-do a plain cork pin up board...a place where she could put up her art work, pictures, medals, school stuff, etc.

            Very simply paint the frame and use ribbon and tack pins to hold in place the fabric of choice! And this simple super easy functional and decorative wall art piece is ready.

Some suggestions:

  1. Since this is for my daughter’s room, I like this fabric which is not too childish and has words like play, believe, dance, imagine, and create printed on it. Here’s where you can customize this….some geometric patterned fabric, a sophisticated damask, toile, or the trendy Moroccan tile patterned fabric would be great for an adult’s home office or work space. Choose a matching or contrasting ribbon that goes with the fabric. With about a half inch or an inch seam tucked in all around the sides spread out the fabric smoothly ensuring no creases or bunching. Place the ribbon over the fabric starting at any corner and hold in place using thumb tacks or simple push pins.
  2. I chose a teal color ribbon to tie this wall art in with the colors in my daughter’s room. But the thumb tacks bought at the office store came as a box of bright mixed colors and I wanted the tacks to not stand out on the ribbon. So I simply used teal colored spray paint to change their color to teal!
  3. I also wanted a little bit more pop for a child’s room. So I sewed these cute little birds and an owl using colored felt and following the patterns from and
So cute!

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